Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quart Review – Perfect Small Pressure Cooker for Small Families!

A pressure cooker is a blessing to the modern world. It cuts down on the preparation time of important meals. I am a big fan of pressure cooking. Pressure Cookers are my “Go To” appliances whenever I think of a complete meal for the family. Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quart is my favorite when it comes to small pressure cookers.

The main reason is the size. It is the smallest pressure cooker that I know of. The size of this is only 15X12 Inches. If you have a family of two and want to save your kitchen space, this is the perfect small pressure cooker you should go for.

Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quart Review

As it happens, I have had my share of experience with Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Quart too. I had read numerous pressure cooker reviews before I actually bought this one. I stretched its limits a bit and tested it on my family of four. As it turned out, you CAN use Deni 9770 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker for a quick meal for more than two people.

But cooking for a couple of individuals is still my recommendation. So, what did I discover while using this electric pressure cooker? Check out my Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker (2 Quart) Review below to find out.

How is the construction of Deni 9770 Small Electric Pressure Cooker?

Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quarts uses Stainless Steel for the exterior. It is brushed. Thus, you won’t have to worry about stains or any scratches. Also, the cool touch handle does the job perfectly and doesn’t burn you while you handle this cooker. The digital display is easy to interpret thanks to the “One Touch” buttons and functions.

The small size lets you use it anywhere. In fact, Deni 9770 2-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker will fit in anywhere. Even if that is the smallest kitchen counter in a small apartment, you won’t have to worry.

Digital Control Panel with Easy-to-Navigate Buttons

The control panel is digital and perfectly visible despite the small size. There is a “Keep-Warm” feature that highlights in the cooker. People can even configure their own time with this cooker. The preset functions for various items are available as well. Just press a button.

Another highlight of the control panel is the “Delay Timer”. It gives you the opportunity to delay cooking of a meal for up to 99 minutes! It is amazing how a small electric pressure cooker (the smallest I know of) provides so many features matching the big boys. Even if Deni 9770 Stainless Pressure Cooker doesn’t have it all, it has the majority of them.

I can very well call it a versatile pressure cooker like Instant Pot IP-Duo60 but on a smaller scale.

A Notable Feature That Aids Cooking

This is one thing Deni 9770 provides you despite the small pressure cooker that it is. When you turn it on, this cooker beeps to let you know it is operational. You can delay the cooking time if you want to by 99 minutes. Again this comes as a handy feature.

Once the cooking finishes, it beeps again to let you know it is done. Then it automatically switches to “Keep Warm”. That allows you to keep your food warm until you decide to take it off the power cords.

Reduces the Cooking Time Effectively

Largely thanks to the design and technology, Deni reduces cooking time by a huge margin. The control panel is easy to operate. This pressure cooker has preset functions if you are cooking chicken, rice, beef or even veggies. Just press the button and you are good to go. Basically, Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker combines steam, the heat, and pressure to speed up the cooking process.

Like Power Pressure Cooker XL or Instant Pot IP-Lux60, it reduces cooking time by almost 70%. Compared to stove top Pressure Cookers or Microwave Ovens, owning this brand is a definite plus.

Safety Measures are Impressive!

I must say, this being a tiny electric pressure cooker, has pretty impressive safety features. First of all, the handles are “Cool Touch”. Meaning, they remain cool when you touch them. It doesn’t matter how long the pressure cooker is operating for, you won’t get burnt.

The lid of this electric pressure cooker is another plus. It locks tightly into place just before cooking begins. It remains locked throughout the process. The lid stays locked even after cooking until you release the extra pressure and bring it down to normal. After that, the lid opens just as easily as it was closed in the first place.


  • It has a great design. Comes for the family of 4./li>
  • Cool Touch handle.
  • Digital control panel performs swiftly.
  • You can extend the cooking time for up to 99 minutes.
  • Competent safety initiatives.


  • Some might suggest it is a small pressure cooker../li>
  • Not suitable for cooking soup or stew for four people.
  • Closing the lid might be a problem for some.
  • It cooks food slower due to 9 psi of pressure setting.

FAQ Regarding the Product

I understand that you will have questions about this electric pressure cooker from Deni. The Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quart Review of mine leaves little room for questioning. But still, I am putting few of the popular queries below with their answers.

Is this a Nonstick Cookware?

The pot inside this electric pressure cooker uses Teflon coating to make it into a nonstick cookware.

What is the optimum cooking time?

Around 6 to 8 minutes to be precise. It takes 3 – 4 minutes to get the pressure to an optimum level for cooking. So, in total you can cook a dish under 15 minutes.

What Do I think?

Well, I would tell you to not to be fooled by the size of this thing. Deni 9770 Pressure Cooker, 2 Quart is a competent small pressure cooker. It cooks fast, it can be stored in a small kitchen and is perfect for a small family. One thing I forgot to write in my Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker 2 Quart Review is the fact that this tiny pressure cooker is perfect for desserts and sweet dishes. Though it has some drawbacks, I believe it will be a perfect addition to the kitchens of small families.

Alicia Porter

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