Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker Review – A Hand’s On Experience!

Today most people prefer Electric Pressure Cooker or Canner. But there are some things that only a traditional type of Pressure Cooker can do. Take Pressure Canning for example.

While electric pressure cookers can do a multitude of jobs, the majority of them cannot contribute to food preservation. Canning is best done using bigger pressure cookers/canners Such as Fagor Duo 10-Quart Pressure Cooker.

This pressure cooker is one of the best ones you can find today. I say that from experience. It’s big, elegant looking and great at canning your favorite foods.

How so? I did a Comprehensive Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker Review just for you guys. Here I’ve looked into the construction of this machine, various features, the benefits and the ease of use. So, hop in if you want to learn something new.

Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker Review

Long-lasting construction

Pressure cookers (or in this case, canners) are not cheap. You can’t just throw away one if you don’t like it after buying it. Unless of course, you are very rich. Anyway, even if you throw away Fagor Duo 10-Quart Pressure Canner after purchasing it, it will take a long time to rust away.

I mean this quite literally as Fagor has been manufactured with 18/10 stainless steel. Stainless steel is already a high-class material, and when we say 18/10, it means the steel used has18% chromium and 10% nickel – a ratio suitable for making kitchenware.

Plus, stainless steel keeps the surface of the utensil shiny, and it is also easy to clean. But that is not the only characteristic. This type of material is very durable and sturdy. You can use it for a long time without any dent in its quality.

Made for all types of kitchens

One very common thought regarding stove-top pressure cookers is that you can’t use it over all sort of cooking tops. But with Fagor, you don’t need to overthink before using it. Why? The Fagor 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker is constructed with an excellent base that allows it to be used over all sort of cooking tops.

The base is an encapsulated aluminum base. Encapsulated means, you can’t see the aluminum as it is hidden (or encapsulated) by the stainless steel. This fact gives you the freedom to use it for all types of cooking tops including induction. Even the small version of this pressure cooker uses the same material.

Moreover, the overall structure has an elegance to it, which gives out a radiance when you place it in your kitchen. Well, we all love a shiny pot in our kitchens, don’t we?

Using Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker is a Breeze

Stovetop pressure cookers or canners are always easy to use. This 10 quart Fagor Duo has two pressure settings – high at 15 psi and low at 8 psi (pounds per square inch).

15 psi pressure is considered the highest pressure count for any cooking utensil. Set the pressure you need and start cooking. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, Fagor uses no gasket for sealing the lid. The lid gets sealed using spring mechanism.

Once the canning pressure cooker reaches the required pressure, it will start cooking. And once pressure builds up inside the cooker the lid will lock itself to prevent accidental opening during cooking.

After you have finished cooking, the lid will only open when all the pressure is released through the valve.

Preserve Your Favorite Food Items

Like I said in the beginning, Fagor Duo is great for canning foods. The 10-quart size allows you to put 4-quart sized jars. I never used any pint jars, but I think it can hold up to 6 pint sized jars.

Inside the cooker/canner, there is a mark saying “MAX.” This is the mark upon which you can fill up the cooker when cooking. This mark comes into play when you are pouring in liquids.

Even when you are cooking in bulk, say beef or chicken, adjust the ratio of the solid to liquid volume and make sure the contents do not exceed the mark. You will get used to it after using it for some time.

Wash it by hand

Most people today look for dishwasher friendly kitchenware. I am not any exception. It is true that dishwashers have made the hassle of cleaning up after cooking easier. However, the 10-Quart Fagor DUO pressure cooker/canner is not made for our dishwashers.

Came to you as a shock, didn’t it? After I had started using it, I tried twice to clean it in the dishwasher. It was no use. I had to resort to cleaning it by hand.

It sounds like a fuss, but it’s not. This pressure canner plus cooker is actually very easy to clean. Thanks to the 18/10 stainless steel. It does not have any tricky corners. Just make sure to clean the valves on the lid – they are the assets of this thing.

Triple Safety Mechanism

I always feared that my pressure cooker will blow up and I will lose my eye or something. It has been long since I started using the 10 quart Fagor Duo and I have not lost my eye yet. The point is, Fagor is totally safe, and it is UL Approved. It comes with three safety mechanisms to ensure safe cooking.

  • Dual Pressure Control Valve – helps to maintain steady pressure inside the cooker/canner and so excess pressure does not build up.
  • Two Independent Over-Pressure Release Valves – works to release pressure if anytime excess pressure builds up inside the cooking pot.
  • Safety Locking Handle – prevents accidental opening of the lid when the pressure cooker is being used or has pressure inside (say, after cooking).


Pros of this Beast of a Cooker

  • 10-quart capacity.
  • Fagor has an elegant look, goes along with all types of kitchens.
  • Fagor has an elegant look, goes along with all types of kitchens.
  • It can hold up to 4-quart sized jars or 5-6 pint sized jars.
  • It can hold up to 4-quart sized jars or 5-6 pint sized jars.
  • Encapsulated aluminum helps in even heating.
  • Uses less oil to cook; keeps cardiac malfunctions at bay.
  • Helps to cook efficiently saving up to 70% of energy.
  • You can use it for all sorts of cooking surfaces including induction cooktop.
  • You have sleek handles to work with.
  • No gasket; spring mechanism seals the pan.
  • No gasket; spring mechanism seals the pan.
  • It’s UL approved.

Few “Not So Good” Things

  • Only two pressure settings, the lowest pressure being 8 psi. As a result, cooking below this pressure is not easy.
  • Not dishwasher friendly; I tried it but had to clean it by hand in the end.

Questions You May Have After Getting Through Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker Review

I guess you have quite a few questions after going through my review of Fagor 10-Quart Cooker. I’ll try to answer few of those here.

What is the basic difference between the Fagor Duo and Fagor Elite products?

The first difference would be in steamer baskets. You’ll get shorter steamer baskets with the Fagor Elite Models. Another significant difference is that the Fagor Duo range has 8-Quart pressure cooker range. You won’t get 8-Quart Pressure Cooker in Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker lineup.

Where do they make this pressure canner?

Manufacturers use materials from Spain and China to make this pressure cooker.

Is there any difference between the cookers made in separate countries?

The Chinese Fagor 10-Quart Duo Canning Pressure Cookers have less thick steel than the ones that people make in Spain.

Why isn’t my pressure indicator rising?

Make sure that you check the gasket before doing anything. Then clean the pressure canner in and out. Either the Presto Pressure Canner is not sealing properly, or the bottom part is sticking. Either way, clean the canning pressure cooker. After that, do a test run.

If your meal is cooking properly, yet taking more time to cook, most likely, the pan is the culprit as it is not pressurizing properly. In other words, you are not cooking with pressure rather boiling the food. This treatment should solve the problem. Otherwise, contact customer support.

Parting Words

This Fagor Duo 10-Quart Canning Pressure Cooker Review is the first one for this year. I must tell you, this 10-Quart pressure cooker and canner combo makes some bold claims. The best thing is, it delivers what it promises.

This pressure canner provides old school look and combines it with the performance. Be it pressure cooking your favorite foods or pressure canning items for food preservations, Fagor Duo 10 Quart Canner is your “Go to” machine.

As you can use this machine on any cooktop you wish, this stainless steel canner proves a to be a great companion. All those safety precautions and a large size makes it perfect for home and commercial using.

Alicia Porter

Hi! This is Alicia Porter. Recipes are my favorite pass time. A lot of the recipes I learned and keep learning involve pressure cooking. That is why I use a lot of pressure cookers. I have a small team that has helped me to document my reviews through this website. I am grateful to each one of you for visiting this site and inspiring me! Cheers!

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