FIssler VitaQuick Pressure Cooker Review – Model FSSIS5859

Fissler VitaQuick Pressure Cooker models are around for a long time. From the very beginning of their arrival, they have become a great friend of anyone who loves cooking. The key element of these is that they make cooking faster. And with time many traditional dishes developed that can’t do without one of these.

At present, there are numerous brands and models of pressure cookers available in the market. How can you know which ones is the best in itself? Which one is the best for you? That is why I decided to help you figure that out. I recommend the Fissler FSSFIS5859 Vitaquick Pressure Cooker with Perforated Inset. Let’s get on with the review to tell you about the features, benefits and few things I like about this model.

Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Review

Outer Construction of this Cooker is Classy

Fissler uses all the best elements to manufacture their pressure cookers. This FSSFIS5859 Vitaquick Pressure Cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel. This type of steel has the capacity to last a lifetime.

The fully encapsulated CookStar all-stove base is as good as the body. The base is made of a heavy-duty pure aluminum core, paired with 18/10 stainless. Aluminum is a splendid conductor of heat. So it allows even heat conduction. You can use the Vitaquick on an induction stove. Most importantly, it will not get separated or warped.

It Doesn’t Make a Sound!

How do you know that there’s pressure cooker on the stove from outside the kitchen? Of course, by listening to the very well known “Hissing” sound! But if there’s a Fissler Vitaquick on the stove, chances of guessing right are slim. It is because Fissler FSSFIS5859 does not make any of that hissing sound. It is because this pressure cooker does not allow any steam-loss.

This anti-steam-loss manufacture not only makes it a silent cooker but also traps in all the smell of the food. As a result, your delicious food’s smell remains intact.

Fits Right Onto Your Kitchen Counter

Mostly, pressure cookers are like big boys who don’t fit properly into your neat kitchen. So, you always need to allow a special place for them. It is due to their unique structure which does not collaborate with other utensils.

But thankfully, not my Fissler FSSFISS859 Pressure Cooker. It has a conical pot shape. As a result, I could easily stack cookers/utensils of the same diameter inside. Thus you can save space in your kitchen along with saving time.

Enjoy Easier Cooking

As I already mentioned, pressure cookers are built to fulfill one crucial goal – make cooking easier and faster. Fissler FSSFIS5859 Vitaquick pressure cooker meets that goal, and it fulfills it well.

Fissler Vitaquick pressure cooker reviews mention that it has two settings for gentle and speedy cooking. Its handle is equipped with an auto-lock mechanism, with an audible clicking sound. The cooker will only start to build pressure when the lid is properly sealed.

Inside the pot, there are MIN and MAX marks to help you measure food items easily.

Safety Measures Make it One of the Best Stovetops Around!

The statement completely describes a stovetop pressure cooker like Fissler FSSFIS5859. The best thing about this Stove Top Cooker is that you have a thick bottom. Even if you use it on a heated stove, electric induction or on gas, the thick bottom part conveys heat but doesn’t scorch your food.

The handle is another part that keeps heat in check. The material doesn’t allow heat to affect your hands. So, you remain safe. Then there is the lid. The lid is easier to put on. The silicon gasket deteriorates slowly than a normal rubber gasket. There are hardly any leaks within the cooker. That is why it is one of the best pressure cookers I’ve ever used and advocated for.


  • This cooker doesn’t make any hissing sound during cooking.
  • No steam loss, so all the delicious smell remains trapped inside the cooker.
  • This a UL-listed pressure cooker.
  • The FSSFIS5859 uses a hygienic material in the making.
  • The base is assured never to get separated or warped.
  • It can be used on an induction stove.
  • Interlocking lid; no rubber gasket is used.
  • The handle can be taken off from the lid for convenience.
  • It has simple yet effective safety measures.
  • You can store crockpots and utensils of similar diameter inside this cooker.


Till now, there has been no complaint regarding the Fissler FSSFIS5859 Vitaquick Pressure Cooker. Few customers mentioned it is costly. However, there have been incidents of selling duplicate products. So I say, be careful when you buy this pressure cooker. In fact, be careful when you buy any product.

FAQ About The Product

We all face some issues, confusions, and hesitations. Especially when it comes to a pressure cooker purchase. There are some questions expert level pressure cooker reviews can’t answer for you. That is why I designed this section. Below I’ve narrowed key topics for you. I pointed out few questions and answered them for you in this segment. So here we go…

What about the bad reviews of the product? Do you have an update on leaky valves, replacement problems or even slow service?

I personally have my relatives using this product since late 2013s. There have been no complaints considering the service, the product quality or leakages whatsoever. To avoid such issues, you need to go through Fissler Vitaquick FSSFIS859 Manual real quick. Ensure that you’ve put the gasket and the lid in place correctly before switching the pressure cooker on.

What is the warranty period for this pressure cooker?

It is “3 years”. Analyzing heaps of stainless steel pressure cookers, I’d say Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker offers a suitable period.

What is the Highest Pressure Rating for this cooker?

I understand where the question may arise from. The optimum “High Pressure for cooking” is 15psi according to the USA standards. But I rolled up my eyes too when I saw in the Fissler Vitaquick FSSFIS5859 manual that the valves will kick in and depressurize when the pressure reaches 14.5 psi.

I reacted and called up the customer care service. They notified that the optimum pressure was 15 psi indeed. It is simply a typo in the manual. All factory certified Fissler Vitaquick Pressure cookers are capable of delivering 15psi as highest pressure before the safety measures kick in.

Let’s say I have Fissler Vitaquick 81⁄2-quart pressure cooker. Now I want a silicon gasket replacement. What size will I have to order?

You’ll do well with a 26cm gasket for replacement.

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Takeaways from My Fissler VitaQuick Pressure Cooker Review

As I conclude my Fissler VitaQuick Pressure Cooker review, I must say, model FSSFIS5859 is a bit costly. But the features and the safety precautions taken will make sure your money is in the right place. This stainless steel pressure cooker is fit for regular use and hardly gives you any trouble.

The fact that it puts every bit of steam in good use makes it my personal favorite. The warranty period is also satisfying provided all the accessories it comes with. All in all, a good bargain for all your money.

Alicia Porter

Hi! This is Alicia Porter. Recipes are my favorite pass time. A lot of the recipes I learned and keep learning involve pressure cooking. That is why I use a lot of pressure cookers. I have a small team that has helped me to document my reviews through this website. I am grateful to each one of you for visiting this site and inspiring me! Cheers!

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