GoWise USA Pressure Cooker Review – An Electric Cooker that Cooks Well!

Looking for a modern cooker? Looking for a pressure cooker that is programmable? Look no further than GoWise USA 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker. This Electric pressure cooker is made with advanced technology to help the cooks in daily cooking.

This machine will provide all the features that will keep the taste and fragrance of the food intact. Enjoy a delicious meal daily. It is also very easy to operate. My GoWise USA Pressure Cooker Review article will discuss some advantages along with the key features of the pressure cooker. Bear in mind, this is an ELECTRIC Pressure Cooker.

GoWise USA Pressure Cooker Review

Sturdy Construction and Sleek design are the Selling Points!

GoWise USA is popular for providing the quality products for kitchens. The pressure cooker brand uses stainless steel in the making. The black handle is made of sturdy plastic material. It won’t heat up. The sturdy exterior part of the cooker is extremely pressure-resistant. It doesn’t fall apart or break. You can use this electric pressure cooker without any problems. And for a long time.

The shiny outer part is really easy to clean. Carrying this cooker is also very comfortable for their easy-to-grip handles. The company has made the inner pot of this cooker with aluminum. It will pass the heat quicker and will make your meal with less time and utility.

The GoWise USA Electric Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker looks stunning in any kitchen. The stylish, sleek design and black control panel and handle look smart and modern. You will love the combination of rich steel and dark outer part of this cooker.

Multi-function Pressure Cooker to Ease you Cooking

The pressure cooker is renowned for its programmable options. There are 6 functions to make your cooking easier and more comfortable.  You can choose the high-pressure setting for preparing tougher foods like meat and grains.

To cook softer items and vegetable, there is low-pressure setting. You can cook rice and other vegetables with the slow cooking program. This GoWise USA pressure cooker comes with steam and “Brown” option to make delicious vegetables keeping the nutrition intact.

If you want to warm anything, there is another option to serve your need. The pressure cooker will understand your need through these programs and prepare meals according to it.

The Unique Floating Valve and other Safety Features

The pressure cooker is made with some advanced safety features. These add more protection for users. The self-locking steel lead is protected with rubber seals. It will stop the lid from popping up in high-pressure cooking adding extra protection to the cook.

There is a temperature sensor with the cooker to monitor the heat. If the temperature goes higher than expected, the sensor will stop the device. When the pressure is normal, it comes back on.

The floating valve is designed with advanced technology. It will control the pressure inside of the cooker and keep it simple. This avoids the extra vapor buildup. To help the valve, pressure regulators will also release the additional amount of pressure from the cooker. Therefore, there will not be any unexpected accidents when cooking.

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  • Exceptional design with the shiny finish.
  • Multi-functional cooker will let you try different items.
  • Very safe with multiple safety features.
  • Made of sturdy steel to last longer than the competitors.
  • Very easy to carry and maintain the cooker.


  • KPA indicator may seem a bit confusing for USA users.

FAQ About the Product

Stuck somewhere? Have some questions that need answers? Have a look below to find the answer to your desire questions about GoWise USA Electric Pressure Cooker. If there are none, feel free to add your questions, and I’ll try my best to answer them. One way or the other!

Can GoWise USA Pressure Cooker be as efficient as a Cook Top Cooker?

Yes, it can. It doesn’t even reach 15psi pressure. It stops at around 12.7, but there is a catch. The cooker saves energy. This pressure cooker is lightweight. It keeps nutrients intact. The steam cooks food efficiently. The cooker maintains a constant heat to keep your food warm. So, at 12.7psi, you’ll get healthy food and veggies. These are well cooked too!

How to get around “KPA Indicator” problem for USA users?

You can change the settings from the control panel and choose your own indicator metrics. If you find the settings problematic, the problems will be solved.

What is the optimum voltage count to run it smoothly?

The optimum voltage is 110 volts.

Why Would You Buy GoWise USA Pressure Cooker?

The GoWise USA Electric pressure cooker will provide you all the features and options of well-priced cookers at an affordable rate. I could use different programs to try various recipes from the Internet.

The pressure cooker will make sure all your food remains nutritious and tasty. The machine is ideal for anybody with the excellent built quality and safety features. I’d recommend the programmable options and design. Other features make sure it is one of the best pressure cookers of 2017 available in the market in such price.

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