Maximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker Review – Cheap Yet Convenient

The pressure cooker has become one of the essential accessories for cooking. Especially, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. It is mighty important to have a quality pressure cooker for your daily cooking. Maximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker is here to help.

It gives you a budget-friendly cooking option. The quality of the food remains intact.

The old pressure cooker used to make irritating, harsh noises. Modern technology has brought us many upgrades. Modern pressure cookers are safer and with more features to make cooking more comfortable than before.

This Maximatic EPC-808 Cooker is renowned for its easy to use cooking ability with the excellent features. We are going to discuss some unique features in this detailed review.

Maximatic-EPC-808-Elite-Platinum-electric-pressure-cookerMaximatic-EPC-808-Elite-Platinum-electric-pressure-cookerMaximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure CookerMaximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure CookerMaximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure CookerMaximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker

Modern Design and Sturdy Built Quality

The Maximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker comes with modern design and excellent built quality. These serve both appearance and longevity. The makers have included some high-quality materials. They endure a lot of pressure.

The dimension of 15 x 15 x 15.3 inches is relatively bigger than other pressure cookers. Still, it fit comfortably in most kitchens. The solid plastic handle will let you carry the cooker comfortably and will not lose shape under extreme heat. The stainless steel body will keep it durable during heavy usages.

The black handle and control panels with stainless steel body make this product very attractive. This cooker not only will increase the beauty of your kitchen, but also will provide services for years without any problem.

Multifunctional Control Panel for Precise Cooking

I appreciate Maximatic EPC-808 pressure cooker for its 14 functions in the control panel especially after considering how little it costs. You can re-heat your meal; make white and wild rice just by pushing the right buttons. Trying different recipes is much easier with this cooker. It will let you cook with perfect taste by using the advanced functions of this pressure cooker.

You can cook desserts, fishes, vegetables, chickens and many other items due to advanced functions. Maximatic EPC-808 pressure cooker changed the way of cooking for many. Now they can enjoy more leisure time with family and less on the kitchen counter top.

The Timer Function Adds Diversity to How People Cook Their Meals

The customized cooking allows you to program cooking time from zero to 99 minutes. As the name suggests, “Keep Warm” feature will automatically keep your food hot after cooking. Set the timer on and leave for work if you have to. You will find your food nice, warm and cozy even after you get back.

One can cook meats by using the unique pre-brown feature. Activate the function and set the time. The food will cook by itself. You can watch TV, do chores or play with your kids. The 24 hours’ delay timer will allow you to arrange cooking beforehand. This will make life lot easier. All these features will provide healthier food for a long time. You won’t have to change the ingredients. Taste of the foods won’t alter.

When I rigorously tested this cooker for my Maximatic Elite Pressure Cooker 808 Review, I had a casual experience of cooking with it. I didn’t have to monitor the machine all the while it cooked meals for me. The automatic timer and on/off functions did their jobs while I did other things.

Indicator Beeps and Resumption Function for Safe and Proper Cooking

The Maximatic EPC-808 comes with indicator beeps to make your cooking safer. You can now start cooking by setting any function and relax without worrying about the safety. The indicator beep will let you know when it is finished.

The beep lets you cook within the perfect pressure settings. It will help to preserve the food’s taste. Pressure will not be able to mount beyond a certain point. If the pressure escalates, the beep will signal you and the lid will be looked until pressure normalizes again.

When in times of power failures, do not worry about food quality degradation. The Automatic Resume Feature will commence cooking As Soon As the power is back on. You won’t have to tinker with the settings of this electric pressure cooker


  • Excellent materials used in design for longer usage.
  • 14 functions make cooking more comfortable.
  • Indicator beeps signal to end when cooking ends.
  • Pre-set Timer for pre-arranges cooking up to 24 hours.
  • It can automatically start cooking after power loss.
  • You can program cooking time from 0 to 99 minutes.


  • The pressure cooker is relatively bigger than others.

FAQ About the Product

Below are few of the questions regarding this model from Maximatic. I’ve tried my best to answer some of the popular queries. Feel free to comment on the post and add few more questions. I’ll answer them quickly!

Can I use Maximatic EPC 808 for Canning?

The USDA advised not to use the new cookers for canning. Maximatic is a canning pressure cooker, though. Maximatic Manual says you can do some canning with it.

Can I do Sauté with this cooker?

You cannot prepare to Sauté directly with this cooker. You can set the cooking setting to “Brown Rice” instead.

Will I be able to use this as a “Slow Cooker”?

You can use it as a slow cooker.

Why Should You Buy Maximatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker?

The Maximatic EPC 808 Platinum pressure cooker is bigger and heavier. Many of the cooks won’t like it. Nevertheless, the comfortable handle makes it easier to carry. Superior advanced functions like Multi-functional cooking make up for the size. You also have preset cooking to make your life easier.

Maximatic EPC-808 Elite Cooker will save your time with its advanced features and functions. It makes kitchen chores easier. The excellent built quality of this product will make it durable for heavy using. The benefits of the product make it stand out from the other within the price range.

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