Mirro Pressure Cooker Reivew: Model 92122A

The pressure cooker is a bliss to all the cooks (home & professional) out there. These cookers cook your meal swiftly and without compromising the taste. They also last the test of time. The advent of Mirro pressure cooker has made cooking easy and diverse to a great limit.

Getting a pressure cooker is a leap in your cooking world. And among the stovetop pressure cookers, the Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum Pressure Cooker Cookware is probably the best one. Why? Read this Mirro Pressure Cooker Model 92122A Review to find out more!

Mirro Pressure Cooker Review - Model 92122AMirro Pressure Cooker Review - Model 92122AMirro Pressure Cooker Review - Model 92122A

It Shines Like Silver

You might think, what does shine have to do with cooking? But according to Physics, shining materials are more keen to absorb heat than rough ones.

Mirro 92122A is made of heavy-gauge polished aluminum. And it is rust-proof. This enables the cookware to get heated evenly throughout the body. Thus, the pressure buildup and eventually the cooking is done uniformly.

Kill Your Worries For Large Dinner Parties

We all like to attend dinner parties. But that might not be the same as the hosts of the parties. Just imagine cooking all that amount if food within such limited time. It is a great stress.

You can say goodbye to such worries. Mirro comes with multiple quart options. We can call it “Large Pressure Cooker” due to its size. Model 92122A is more than 10 quarts when it comes to the minimum size.

It’s not just about a large quantity of food. It’s also about the time required to cook all that food. You can cook a lot faster and better with 92122A than with the conventional pots and pans.

Pressure Can Your Favorite Foods

You can already assume, that with this “Spacy” Pressure Cooker, you can also “Can” a large amount of food. The Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker has the capacity to hold 16 pint-sized jars or 5 full quart-sized jars. It actually comes with a cooking rack, especially for canning. Yup, it is a Canning Pressure Cooker.

Canning at home is an excellent way of storing your favorite food for future consumption. The ones you find outdoors are not always healthy. So, Mirro can help you preserve food in a safe way for your family.

This model is one of the “Easy to Handle” machines when it comes to canning. In fact, it is right up there with All American 921 – 21/2 Quart Pressure Canner or Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner.

Cook With Ease

Mirro 92122A has three options for pressure viz 5 psi, 10 psi & 15 psi (pounds per square inch). This allows ingenious ways of cooking. This pressure cooker is equipped with a pressure maintaining system. This enables the cooker to start cooking when the required pressure is obtained. And the handles are cool-to-the-touch, so no worries of getting sore fingers at the end.

Mirro Canning Pressure Cooker Assures Your Safety

Stovetop pressure cookers, especially when it is a large one, may seem to frighten you a bit. But do not worry, because it is safe for you and your kitchen.

The safety features include:

  • The lid is equipped with “Sure Locking” mechanism.
  • There’s a safety release plug.
  • Another gasket on the side for pressure release.
  • Cool-touch handles.

You can be sure that the lid is locking tightly each time when you cook. Thanks to frequent testing, I found no leakages and breaking due to over pressure.

The “Over-Pressure Plug” or safety release plug is usually sealed tightly to allow pressure build-up. When pressure passes the critical point, the cap opens up and lets the extra pressure out.

Mirro 92122A Pressure cooker has a side gasket. Just in case. It also allows extra pressure to get out before causing any trouble.

The handles are “Cool Touch”. Meaning, they remain cold even if you are dealing with a hot cooker. It helps to secure your hands when you bring down the cooker from a hot stove.

Pros of the Cooker

  • The cooker is rust free due to the making process.
  • It can store 16 pint-sized jars of 5 full quart-sized jars.
  • Safety assured: sure lid lock mechanism, safety release plug and side gasket for pressure release.
  • 3 pressure options: 5 psi, 10 psi & 15 psi.
  • Cool-touch handles.
  • Mirro Pressure Cooker parts are replaceable.

Cons of the Cooker

But, we should also let you know that Mirro 92122A has some not-so-good things about it too. They are:

  • It might be too large for some people to use, compared to their kitchen and ability.
  • Except the 3 pressure cooker parts, no other part is replaceable; though they have chances of getting damaged.
  • Personally, I won’t advise you to use it on Glass Top Stoves.

FAQ Regarding this Product

Have some questions you want answers of? You’ll find few of the critical questions below which I’ve tried to answer for you. If you have additional queries, drop me a comment at the end of the post. I’ll update the answer to your question in this review article.

Will the gasket wear out with time?

Naturally it will. But there is good news. You can replace the “Round-ish” gasket.

Can this model of Mirro Pressure Cooker be used on Electric Stoves?

Mirro Pressure Cookers can always be used on electric stoves. You can use Mirro 92122A on top of the glass-top electric stove with caution. I don’t advise it. But people do use this anyway and for a long time. People have also expressed comfort of using it on ceramic electric stoves.

If you do decide to use it on glass stoves, first put it on a cold burner. Then switch it on to begin heating. It will work out just great! Just don’t put too many things in there and make it too heavy for the stove.

What equipment comes with it to support Pressure Canning?

As I told you, a cooking rack is included in this Mirror Pressure Cooker Package. It helps to keep pint jars apart from each other. Also, you can order an extra frame. People use it to layer the pint jars deeper. Cake racks are also useful. The round cake rack can be utilized with Mirro 92122A Pressure Canner too.

Final Words for My Mirro Pressure Cooker Review

With both the good facts and not-so-good facts, Mirro 92122A might be the perfect pressure cooker for you. Especially if you want to “Can” foods.

For the “Not So Good” things, there are solutions. So, you can use 92122A Mirro Pressure Cooker without too much of a problem.

Mirro Pressure Cooker Model 92122A is designed for large amounts of cooking and canning. Considering our hustles and tussles of modern life, it is a handy pressure cooker to be around. When it comes to user experience, it is one of the popular pressure cookers out there.

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