WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Model 0793919300 Review – Say Welcome to the Whole Set!

Who doesn’t want a sturdy pressure cooker? A Pressure cooker that will test time itself? I am more of a performance geek. I try to combine durability and performance. WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker is the one I’d choose for that. It is known as the BMW of pressure cookers for its services and materials.

People love tasty and safe food. Imagine delicious dishes within minutes. It is a bonus, right? This cooker will save your time and energy and will serve healthier foods by protecting its nutrition and flavor.

WMF Perfect Plus is backed up by numerous best pressure cooker reviews. Let me share my own review and experience with you. Read this article where I documented my findings with model 0793919300 WMF Perfect Plus for you

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Model 0793919300 Review

Excellent built quality with smart design

The company gave priority to building pressure cooker that operates for a longer period. The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker model 0793919300 includes a cooker and a pressure cooker base (a 6.5 qt and cooker a 4.5 qt base). Both are made from Cromargan stainless steel of 18/10 level.

Let’s talk about the cooker. The thick exterior material will make sure it doesn’t break in high-pressure situation. So, you don’t have to worry about changing it. The quality will provide services for years.

I loved the excellent aesthetics of model 0793919300 set. It felt luxurious and reliable to have in my kitchen. The polished and shiny outer part of the cooker (and base) with back long handle looks great! The Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker set is also very comfortable to carry. Inner pots are also built with quality materials.

Reliable safety systems to protect the cook

With this WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker set, I feel protected. It has four security systems to make cooking safe and comfortable. I am doing WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker review for my readers. Safety IS IMPORTANT for me. I can’t recommend something that will put you guys at risk! So, here goes the safety system description. In brief, of course.

For starters, model 0793919300 has a glass lid. It is a thick glass to prevent pressure outbursts. The sealing ring works nicely. The extra bit of pressure releases away from you automatically.

If the cooker is Operating within high pressure, the automatic release handle will be locked. Therefore, you will not be able to open it. This will keep yourself abate from any injuries.

There is a primary over-pressure release valve. The limit for pressure is 16psi with WMF Perfect Plus. It works to release extra pressure.

Had an accident with the valve? WMF Perfect Plus set has a safety gasket. If the primary pressure-release options fail, this gasket will break and release the extra amount of pressure.

Advantage of having a Removable Handle

The handle of this WMF Pressure Cooker can be removed. You can easily attach this to another pot and use the second pot as a pressure cooker too. All the necessary controls can be seen on the handle. They require a touch and are easy to operate.

This removable handle is also dishwasher safe. So, you can wash this while water is running down the facet. Even put it in a dish-washer and concentrate on other things. The handle will come out nice and clean on the other side.

Cooking Indicator Bar Saves You the Trouble

WMF Perfect Plus model 0793919300 is not a digital pressure cooker. The WMF cookware has an indicator option that measures cooking process. You will have a proper idea about what is happening inside the cooker.

It is a blue, round area fitted to the handle. It will go up and if the cooker is in use, and you will have perfect knowledge of the cooking process by the yellow and rings around this circle.

If it is not up, then there is no pressure inside. It will go up as pressure builds. You will be able to see yellow, orange circles according to the level. I have been using this pressure cooker for a while, and I liked this unique feature. It helped me to cook with precise pressure settings. Once it is completely down, you can remove the lid. So, it contributes to the safety.

My Practical Experience of Cooking With WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker (Updated!)

Recently, I compared WMF Perfect Plus with Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. I did the testing over some risotto, desserts, tomato sauce, etc. I found out that the Perfect Plus needs a bit more heat than the Kuhn Rikon to maintain the pressure at an optimum level of cooking. Judging by the knob position, it is 1.7 to 1.6 respectively.

At one time the evaporation rate was 1.3%, and another time it was 5%. To get it just right, I had to test it five times. Each time I did monitor the time WMF took to toot. The average evaporation rate for WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker rivals its peers.

Once you finish cooking, turn the pressure release slide to release the extra pressure. You can regulate the pressure release time from 30 to 60 seconds. Even if you don’t do anything, this cooker will release pressure automatically.


  • Strong construction to last longer.
  • WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Model 0793919300 comes with the whole set.
  • The comfortable handle will let you carry it easily.
  • Safety systems ensure. You and the cooker remain safe while cooking.
  • WMF Pressure Cooker can regulate the pressure release time as well. Just use the pressure release slide wisely.
  • Cookers have removable handles that are dishwasher safe.


  • It is a bit heavy to my liking.
  • The cooker needs a bit more heat than peers to maintain optimum pressure level.

FAQ About the WMF Cookware

How is this WMF Cookware (Pressure Cooker Set) beneficial?

One, it cooks quickly due to the stainless steel enclosing. Two, the WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker set comes with a base, cooker, a ring and a locking handle with lid. If you are alone, just use the smaller base with the lid and handle. For the family, use the larger base. These are two cookers. That too within one set. So, you are getting a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Does this Also Work on Electric Stovetops?

I’ve tested WMF Perfect Plus, and it works just fine. You can also use ceramic cook-tops. WMF is a cooking appliance that will work on every cook-top.

How do I avail the warranty?

Just head over to Manufacturer’s website and request the warranty from there.

Why Would You Buy WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Set?

Despite being a little low on PSI, you will have proper taste and quality of foods from this cooker set. It will also process food very quickly due to superior built technology. It saves 70% cooking time. This set retains nutrients of high percentage.

I have been using this cooker for eight months now. Must say, I am a happy customer of this WMF Cookware. I am more than satisfied with the time it takes and tastes this set provides.

The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker set has some advanced safety systems. These release me from any worries in the kitchen. I can do other works comfortably by just keep an eye on the pressure indicator bar. The Pressure alarm system is a bonus with this high-quality stainless steel pressure cooker.

With the comfortable handle, excellent housing and safety system, this WMF model 0793919300  Cooker Set is one of my most favorite kitchen appliances.

Alicia Porter

Hi! This is Alicia Porter. Recipes are my favorite pass time. A lot of the recipes I learned and keep learning involve pressure cooking. That is why I use a lot of pressure cookers. I have a small team that has helped me to document my reviews through this website. I am grateful to each one of you for visiting this site and inspiring me! Cheers!

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