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Welcome to GrowBIG Structures

Rainmakers aren’t born. They’re developed, and I can show it to you.

Everything you require to rewire your brain to end up being the sales representative you understand you are.


Do you keep in mind the montage in the Karate Kid?The apprentice and the master. The old guy and the young boy. “Wax on, wax off …” In a little over 2 minutes time, we see Daniel’s transformation. No longer the aimless kid, he’s now appreciated and on his method to ending up being a specialist.

This hero’s journey is at the heart of the majority of excellent stories. It’s a part of our cultural DNA.

Whether it’s sports, chess, or finding out a musical instrument, we understand that in order to be the very best you require to operate at it. You require to find out. You require to practice. You require to regularly enhance to end up being excellent.



GrowBIG Foundations


Here’s why I’m so ecstatic to share this brand-new online course with you …

Our GrowBIG Foundations is extreme– it’s 3-days of hands-on, extremely interactive, in-person training at our head office in Atlanta. For numerous specialists, the expense (around $4,000+ flights and hotel) and time invested off work is a difficult tablet to swallow.

GrowBIG ® Training is extreme due to the fact that it’s developed to provide a start-to-finish system that specialists can utilize to grow and much better customers.

And, if I can be completely truthful with you, it’s not something that everybody is all set for.

Numerous very first requirement to repair a couple of principles that the majority of people get incorrect: how they proactively advance chances, deepen relationships, and hack their own practices to remain on top of their development.

That’s where GrowBIG Foundations can assist.

By the time you finish this online course, you’re going to lead the pack. You’ll understand what rainmakers do and do not do. You’ll have the ability to incorporate basic, effective activities into your day to everyday regimen. And, you’ll see outcomes.

GrowBIG Foundations is separated into 5 modules:


MODULE 1: Building The Foundation

In this module, we’re going to prep your mind for an overall overhaul.

What you’ll find out:

  • You’ll satisfy me, and I’ll offer an introduction the whole GrowBIG ® structure. Huge image.
  • You’ll find out why nobody is a “born” rainmaker. You’ll find out that organisation advancement is an ability and not some natural quality that some have and some do not.
  • I’ll make certain we’re initially on the very same page, covering what organisation advancement is (and isn’t), and I’ll stroll you through the important sales abilities you require to understand.
  • I’ll then going ask you to specify your Why– what sort of effect would smooth organisation advancement have for you, your customers, your household, and individuals around you? (We’ll be reviewing your Why throughout this course.)
  • Then I’ll get to a fundamental tool that’s altered my life: the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). It’ll assist you much better comprehend yourself and everybody else gotten in touch with your organisation advancement success, specifically your customers and potential customers. It’s the magic decoder ring that’ll reveal you how to interact to others in the method they wish to purchase, rather of the method you would purchase yourself.
  • We’ll liquidate the module with an 100- point organisation advancement ability evaluation that will offer you a picture of where you are now and what locations you require the most assist. At the end of the course, you’ll take this very same evaluation once again to see how far you’ve come.


MODULE 2: Managing Your Opportunities

This module is everything about generating business. Sounds basic, however without training, almost everybody gets it incorrect.

What you’ll find out:

  • First, we’ll begin with the summary of getting to a yes. Whether you simply require an enormous agreement or a spoken approval signed, the actions are the very same. We’ll begin with this summary of getting more yes’s.
  • Then, we’ll go deep on the primary step: Learn and listen. I’ll cover the science of why you wish to begin with the potential customer and particularly how to ask concerns that’ll illuminate their brain’s satisfaction center, providing a high by sharing their requirements and concerns.
  • After providing the spotlight, I’ll teach you how to utilize interest to turn the focus back on you and your options. Interest is an intrinsic incentive– among the greatest we have as human beings. You’ll find out how to develop interest to have the customer asking how you can assist them. Because you understand their concerns in their words, you’ll effectively have the ability to reveal them how you can assist.
  • Now, it’s time to get series: developing the service together. The science here is incredible– individuals purchase into what they assist develop. I’ll reveal you how to develop a service with your customer in such a way they’ll enjoy and has the greatest possibility of success. And, if they’re not truly interested? You’ll understand in 20 minutes rather of 20 hours of worthless follow up.
  • Lastly, closing. I’ll reveal you that if you’re following the actions above, this last one is the simplest. In some cases captain hook can occur, and I’ll reveal you how to conquer them.
  • We’ll close this Module out with you developing your own Opportunity List, a location where you’ll record every chance you have, what your next action is, and how you can proactively make it in such a way your customers will enjoy.


MODULE 3: Managing Your Relationships

Next, we’re going to turn our attention to your organisation relationships.

What you’ll find out:

  • We’ll begin with the power of relationships and how they vary from chances. For the majority of specialists, a huge offer may make your year, however a huge relationship may make your profession. I’ll reveal you why it’s so crucial to purchase the best relationships, where science reveals we get sidetracked and off track, and an easy method to remain focused.
  • Then, we’ll dig deep into the science of likability. Individuals invest more cash with those they like, and I’ll cover the most crucial habits you can utilize to be more pleasant.
  • With this background, I’ll reveal you the very first 4 of 7 actions to deep relationships. These are the starting phases, when things are the most delicate, and they are worthy of additional care.
  • Then, we’ll go deep on deepening relationships– the last 3 actions. I’ll reveal you how to take strong working relationships and develop raving fans, customers informing everybody they understand about you. Your raving fans resemble a little salesforce working to assist you, due to the fact that you assisted them a lot.
  • Like the last module, we’ll close with an useful tool to assist you execute what you’ve found out. This is what will turn your soft abilities into tough outcomes.


MODULE 4: Managing Yourself

We’re going to talk about you.

What you’ll find out:

  • What’s the interaction in between your practices and organisation advancement? How do you Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Up?
  • Here I’ll cover the research study on objectives, not simply the old-fashioned “objectives are necessary” research study you heard in high school, however more nuanced research study on what objectives you need to set and at what level.
  • And, you’re going to learn more about regularly making development, concentrating on what you can manage and commemorating your incremental successes. Like finding out a musical instrument, you can’t get organisation advancement activities every other month for a couple of hours and prosper. I’ll reveal you how to keep moving on, even when you are hectic.
  • Goals will assist us pick instructions. Constant development will begin the flywheel. Next, I’ll teach you how to speed up, utilizing mental momentum. Yes, mental momentum is a thing, and I’ll reveal you how to utilize it to your benefit.
  • Lastly, we’ll end by concentrating on remaining liable. Look, I do not desire you to power through this course and finish it believing “that was excellent!” … just to revert back to what you were doing. I’ve stopped working as an instructor and you’ve stopped working to repair the issue that led you here if you do not use what you find out in this course.
  • We’ll complete by circling around back to the start of the course and modifying that self evaluation. From there, you’ll then get to work developing your routines, both calendar-driven and the if-this-then-that episodic ones.


MODULE 5: Conclusion

We’re at the goal!

What you’ll find out:

  • How to prevent the typical errors that brand-new BD pros fall victim to
  • Ensuring the best practices and systems remain in location– and remain in location!
  • I’ll equip you with a self-assessment that will assist you see precisely how your thinking and systems have actually altered considering that starting this course



GrowBIG Foundations

Being excellent at offering isn’t something you’re “born with”.

Keep in mind: the Karate Kid didn’t want his method into ending up being excellent at martial arts. All the inspirational posters and “rah, rah!” videos worldwide weren’t going to teach him the Art of Karate.

And, like Daniel, you aren’t going to master the rainmaking by inspiration alone. You simply require to comprehend the knowledge of organisation advancement, its core elements, then to begin utilizing them. Similar to your core knowledge, you can find out to generate organisation.

The primary step is to take Business Development Breakthrough and have me assist you much better handle your chances, relationship, and yourself. Let’s get you effective with that very first– and have you recognize the outcomes (more meaty work, more incredible customers!).


The primary step is to act: to register yourself today in Business Development Breakthrough.

Registering isn’t enough. You’re going to devote to acting upon the product, and ending up being a specialist in organisation advancement.

And, hi, if an actuary like myself can do this, you can too.

I’m anticipating seeing you on the within.

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